Santa Rosa Valley


"Pony Club was without a doubt the most important experience of my childhood. I learned more about responsibility, studying, self-motivation, confidence, planning, overcoming disappointment, and goal-setting (and much more) than I ever did in school or any other sports I participated in. Pony Club left me with a foundation to succeed in college and life beyond, as well as a strong riding foundation to enjoy this sport forever. When I moved across the country after graduating, my Pony Club background helped me get a foot in the door at new barns, and I was able to not only get a horsey job right away, but I made new friends in a city where I didn't know anyone. I'm so grateful for the lifelong friendships and incredible memories Pony Club gave me, and can't recommend joining this organization enough." - Former Youth Member, Current Horsemaster


"Pony Club is like girl scouts or boy scouts for riding... they use an established curriculum to teach the kids everything they could ever want to know about horses, which is great, since I have never ridden and wasn't sure how to make sure my daughter was getting quality instruction." - Pony Club Parent


"Pony Club is the only way to make riding a team sport. My daughter was a successful rider, but wanted more camaraderie with other kids her age. Pony Club was the perfect way for her to be competitive on her own terms while learning all of the benefits of working with a team." - Former Pony Club Parent