Santa Rosa Valley


What do members of SRVPC do in Pony Club?

            Santa Rosa Valley Pony Club members participate in mounted and unmounted meetings, rallies (aka Pony Club-only competitions), certification tests, and even have the opportunity to participate at the national and international level in competitions and exchanges.

            You get as much out of Pony Club as you put in! Members are encouraged, but not required, to participate in any of the following activities that interest them:

            We offer approximately three mounted and one unmounted meeting per month- these are group riding or horsemanship lessons aimed at creating well-rounded, responsible, independent horse-people. We love getting to ride and train together so often, and always cheer each other on!

            Certifications are tests that riders may take whenever they are ready. They become progressively more difficult; the first test is appropriate for any rider who is strong enough to walk and trot on their own, and the final “A” level test is a multi-day exam that includes riding multiple unfamiliar horses at the highest levels of your chosen sport. Pony Club members can test in horse management, eventing, dressage, hunter seat equitation, and western dressage tracks. Most SRVPC members choose to participate in the eventing track (and horse management is required for all members), but we welcome anyone who would like to progress on the other tracks, too!

            Pony Club also offers regional and national competitions against other Pony Club members. Unlike traditional horse shows, Pony Club rallies judge riders both in and out of the saddle. There are traditional riding competition phases, and competitors are also judged in the barns to determine if they are meeting proper horse care standards. Riders are judged according to their certification level (we don’t expect beginners to be as proficient as someone who has been riding for years) and work in teams- but no parents are allowed to help! They’re encouraged to cheer their child on from the side of the ring, but all horse care is up to the competitors.

            Nationally, United States Pony Clubs also offers qualified members the opportunity to compete in National Championships, particiapate in international exchanges, apply for scholarship opportunities, leadership opportunities, and much more!


Where is SRVPC based?

            SRVPC serves southern Ventura County – our members are primarily based in Simi Valley and Santa Rosa Valley, California.


Who can join Pony Club?

            Anyone! While Pony Club was traditionally for youth members, it has recently opened to all ages. Our club currently has members from age 12 through seasoned adults with kids of their own.


Do I have to have a horse?

            You do not need to own your own horse or pony to participate in Pony Club, but you do need to have access to a horse or pony (owned, leased, or borrowed) for mounted activities. We do not provide horses for members to ride, but members can join and progress on the horse management track if they don’t have a mount at the moment. If you are between horses, our instructors can help match you with an appropriate mount.


Do I have to leave my current instructor?

            No! Pony Club is a great supplement to most riding programs. The emphasis on horse care and knowledge is something that isn’t covered in many riding lesson programs, and riding with multiple instructors can often help riders progress (sometimes one person will say something that just “clicks” differently!). Most of our members take additional lessons outside of the Pony Club curriculum.


How much does it cost?

            Please check with our District Commissioner for current fees, but expect the following:

National Dues: $155/year for new members (prorated if you join late in the year), $135/year for renewing members

Regional Dues: $35/year

Club Dues: $50/month (this includes all mounted and unmounted meetings - in our area, you would usually pay this much for one lesson, so this is a great deal for a full month of instruction!)

Shirts/jackets, manuals, rallies, and certifications incur extra costs based on what you choose to participate in.


How do I join?

            Visit our “Contact Us” page, and reach out to our District Commissioner!